Celebration of the doctor’s day in Shiraz

IRNA-Shiraz-Celebration of the first day of September The doctor’s day was celebrated on Thursday night in the presence of the Governor of Fars in Shiraz and celebrated among the doctors of the province’s province.




Patient Relationship Management Course

According to the Public Relations and International Publications, Farreparto, the course on managing patient communication with the aim of effectively communicating the clients with the staff, experts, physicians, and raising the motivation in the industry, medical and medical personnel, and increasing the efficiency of the organization and strategy development The organization’s long-term goal was to increase patient satisfaction and continuous improvement of the quality of services with the training of selected and highly trained faculty members of organizational management, marketing, sales and communications in cooperation with the Faculty of News of Shiraz.
Rahmani added:
The personnel were divided into two groups, each group benefiting from 6 hours of useful training.
It should be noted that the contents of each group were dedicated and this was done with the cooperation of the department of administrative and welfare and the unit of communication with patients.




Unveiling the latest version of S8 software

Unveiling the latest version of S8 MEDTRONIC superadvanced software, one of the most advanced softwares for deep brain core navigation, in Faraparto centerو Shiraz. The first version of this unique software is ready for use with the efforts of Dr. Rasekhi in Shiraz. With the help of this device the most advanced brain surgeries are possible.