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3D mammography

Mammography is one of the most important and most effective standard and safe methods for screening and diagnosis of breast cancer, especially in the early stages. Mammography is a radiography imaging method from breast’s soft tissue mostly used for identification and diagnosis of breast cancer and evaluation of palpable masses and non-palpable breast lesions.

3D mammography (digital tomosynthesis) is approved by Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and for the first time in our country a full package containing tomosynthesis, diagnosis using computer CAD and special work station for mammography is installed and used in Faraparto center.

Benefits of 3D mammography (digital breast tomosynthesis)

  • Unique feature of enhancing the ability of evaluation and diagnosis in breast tissue: Elimination of overlapping, the images taken from breast tissues in two dimensional method may have some hidden lesions and replacement of imaging in slice by slice method.
  • Enhancing the accuracy and early diagnosis: 3D mammography equipment (Digital breast tomosynthesis) has caused a revolution in diagnosis of breast diseases and based on the researches has brought at least 40% increase in on-time diagnosis of invasive cancers and at least 40% decrease in necessity of other different studies (because of uncertain diagnosis).
  • Other benefits of 3D mammography (digital breast tomosynthesis): Identification of small cancerous and dangerous tissues, more sensitivity, improvement in diagnosing cancer, reducing the need for biopsy, clarity in edges of the lesions, reducing the pressure.

Functions of mammography

  • Screening over 40 years old females for breast cancer
  • Screening women with history of breast cancer in family members
  • Evaluation of patients with suspicious breast mass
  • Treatment follow up for patients undergone radiotherapy or mastectomy
  • Evaluating the condition of opposite breast in the patients who have done mastectomy on one breast.
  • Evaluating heavy smoking women.
  • Women over 30 years old in their first pregnancy.
  • Women suffering late menopause
  • Women who had early menstruation or maturity
  • Women using high amount of fat in their diets
  • women with overweight and obesity caused during menopause

procedures of mammography

In 3D mammography (digital tomosynthesis) a low dose X-ray is being used for 3D imaging of breast. Scanner will rotate around the breast and images in different angles (10 to 15 angles) are taken in horizontal and vertical directions. Though more images are taken from the patient in 3D mammography, X-ray is not radiated more than usual mammography images. Then the images will be arranged and 3D image of breast will be formed. This 3D image will enable the radiologist to seen the breast tissue in thin slices (similar to CT scan images).

Things you should do before mammography:

  • do not apply lotion, powder, perfume, deodorant, cream, ointment (on the breast or armpit), the effects of these materials may be seen as calcium sediments (microcalcification) in mammography images and inaccurate diagnosis may happen.
  • During the mammography bring your previous images; because for certain diagnosis, it is necessary to compare new images with the old ones.
  • If you have had breast prosthesis, notify the radiology experts in order for them to use proper method of imaging.
  • It is recommended to avoid mammography one week before menstruation, because the breasts are swollen and painful.
  • It is necessary to wear special clothes before imaging.a