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Patients’ rights charter:

  • The patients should receive the sought medical services as early as possible, respecting different values and beliefs without any prejudice between: Nations, cultures, religions, genders or type of diseases.
  • The patients should receive desirable and sufficient information including: Preparations before every procedure, complications resulted from anesthesia, injection or taking necessary medicine during medical procedures, necessary criteria for reception, observations after the procedures, predictable costs including medical and non medical services, insurance criteria and introduction of support systems , at the time of reception.
  • The patients have the right to freely choose and make decisions about doctor, type and conditions of receiving medical services in the framework of principles, having enough time for decision making and accepting the needed responsibilities.
  • The staff should observing patients’ privacy and observe the rule of secrecy about information existing in the patients’ files  in all phases including diagnostic and treatment, unless in cases considered lawful according to the legal order.
  • This center should handle complaints claiming violation of patients’ rights by the providers of the medical services through an efficient system or competent authorities.