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What is hysterosalpingography?

Hysterosalpingography is a medical imaging procedure used to evaluate the condition of the uterus and fallopian tubes (tubes from the ovary to the uterus). This process allows for a detailed image of the inside of the uterus and fallopian tubes and helps doctors detect any defects or problems in these structures.

In Shiraz, we provide this medical service in the best way by using advanced equipment and expert team of doctors. A color photograph of the uterus is known as an effective diagnostic method in investigating infertility and problems related to female structures.

By doing this process, we strive to give you accurate and complete information about the health of your uterus and fallopian tubes to help you make better decisions about your feminine health. To request or get more information about this service, contact us.

What is the process of hysterosalpingography in faraparto?

  • 1- booking the appointment

    You can go in person to get color X-ray of the uterus in Faraparto, or you can book online by sending your information alongside with your prescription to 07132020000 on WhatsApp.

    2- Choosing the date of the imaging and whether or not you want anesthesia

    The time of taking the photo depends entirely on your choice, because the color photo of the uterus should be done between the seventh and tenth day of your menstrual cycle.

    At our facility, patients can choose to have the procedure done with or without anesthesia.

    If you choose anesthesia, the expert medical team will be with you to ensure your comfort and health.

    3- Preparation

    Before starting the process, you should prepare for a color photo of the uterus, the following points will be explained to you during the appointment:

    The time to take a color photo of the uterus is between the first and third days of menstruation (the seventh and tenth days of menstruation).
    From the first day of menstruation to three days after taking a photo, the patient should not be intimate in any way.
    It is mandatory to perform a pregnancy test (B-HSG) on the morning of the photo shoot.
    The patient must not have any vaginal infection, and in case of infection, the patient’s appointment will be canceled and the payment will not be refunded.
    The patient’s companion must be a gentleman and accompany the patient on the day of the photo shoot.
    On the day of the photoshoot, all the information about the medication will be explained to you by the receptionist.
    If you use anesthesia, do not eat or drink 8 hours before the appointment.
    Dear ladies, please observe the hygiene principles before performing hair removal (bathing and hair removal).
    It is mandatory to bring a pad or sanitary napkin on the day of the photo shoot
    Please state your desired date in order to register your appointment and if you want to do a photo shoot with anesthesia, be sure to state it.

    4- Capturing the images

    – A color photo of the uterus is performed by injecting a dye into the uterus and fallopian tubes.

    – Imaging takes place during this process and the images are recorded with high accuracy.


Regarding the side effects of radiology, it can be said that due to the use of a low percentage of X-rays, it has the lowest level of risk and its benefits are far greater than its side effects, and for this reason, it is prohibited to use only for pregnant women.

Remember that during all these steps, our medical team will be at your disposal for any questions or need for advice

By implementing these steps, we guarantee that the color image of the uterus is easily and accurately performed, and our expert team will help you in the best way possible at every step.

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