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What is mammography?

A special type of mammography (for women and men) in which low-dose X-rays are used to detect breast cancer in its early stages. In these photos, the patient’s breast, armpit and lymph nodes are examined.

?At what age should a mammogram be done

    • If breast cancer is common in the family (mother, sister, aunt, etc.), women should have a mammogram once a year from the age of 35 and above.
    • If breast cancer is not common in the family, mammography should be done once a year from the age of 40 and above.
    • If a person has uterine cancer or any other cancer, it is better to do a mammogram once a year under the supervision of a doctor.
    • Patients who are candidates for organ transplant also need mammography.

?Does mammography hurt

It cannot be said that it always and necessarily hurts. This pain depends on each person’s pain threshold and the size and density of the breast tissue has no effect on this.

It also depends on the patient’s menstrual cycle. It is better to perform a mammogram in the last days of menstruation or a week after it ends, because at this time the breast tissue will be less sensitive to pain.

In this center, we have the most equipped and up-to-date Hologic mammography machine and by using special pads that create less pressure on the patient’s breast, we can produce the best mammography image with the least amount of pain on the patient’s breast.

What does the doctor look for in a mammogram?

  • Examination of the lymph nodes under the belly
  • Examination of breast tissue
  • Checking breast thickness
  • Checking the presence or absence of lumps or cysts in the breast
  • Examination of calcified masses in the breast

Necessary actions and preparations before mammography

  • Be sure to take a shower before the mammogram
  • Do not use fragrant sprays and armpit wax, because the presence of these substances leads to the formation of unwanted spots in the image
  • To experience less pain, it is better to do mammography in the last days of menstruation or one week after it ends
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