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What is radiology?

Radiography is one of the medical imaging methods that can produce the desired image by irradiating X-rays to the desired part of the body in the digital radiology center.

There are different types of radiography, the most basic of which is plain radiography

Digital radiography is one of the new types of radiology. In this type of radiology, film is not used and the image prepared from the patient can be seen on the computer monitor screen.

Sometimes, by injecting or feeding a special substance to the patient, this type of radiography is performed in color for more accurate diagnosis of some lesions.

Also, in this type of radiology, optimal radiographic images are prepared with minimum radiation and magnification without the need for high radiation.

?What are the advantages of digital radiology

  • High speed of image preparation
  • Cost reduction due to the removal of the cassette and the appearance and proof of the film
  • It is possible to archive images and copy videos more easily
  • The radiologist can access the images as soon as the imaging is performed
  • The possibility of sending images via the Internet to other medical centers
  • Ability to set images as zoom or light shadow or marking for more accurate reporting

Applications of digital radiology

Radiography of the organs with the power of zoom and the preparation of multiple stereotypes without the need for additional radiation, as well as specific radiography of the joints

Specialized radiology of joints using contrast material inside arthrography joints

X-ray of the chest

Specialized radiography with injectable contrast material of kidneys and urinary tracts including:

Kub and ivp

Specialized radiology of jaw and face, OPG and single tooth

Specialized radiography of cervical, back and lumbar spine

Specialized pediatric radiography including determination of adenoid bone age

Radiography of the gastrointestinal tract includes:

Plain radiograph of the abdomen

Questionable barium

barium mill

Small intestine transit


Regarding the side effects of radiology, it can be said that due to the use of a low percentage of X-rays, it has the lowest level of risk and its benefits are far greater than its side effects, and for this reason, it is prohibited to use only for pregnant women.

Noteworthy details

The high speed of image preparation, while reducing the amount of time your body is exposed to radiation, saves time and greatly reduces the patient’s stress. Up-to-date devices, using powerful image processing software, also provide the possibility of image reconstruction. If the imaging center has the possibility of digitally enlarging the image, it will provide the most accurate analysis of your condition to your doctor.

It is necessary to know that the centers that use up-to-date devices with superior technologies provide images with better clarity, which is of great importance from a medical point of view and can be very helpful in making a correct diagnosis. Radiography is a radiation-based image preparation method, so it is more beneficial for your health to refer to well-equipped centers that are able to provide the best and highest quality images with the least amount of radiation.

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